Our Commitment to Helping Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries On the Road to Recovery

See how get drinks delivered helps wineries, breweries and distilleries to grow their DTC business via delivery and curb-side pickup
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When we started GetDrinksDelivery.com project 2 months ago, our goal was to help the wineries, breweries, distilleries, restaurants and bottleshops grow their direct to consumer business via delivery and curbside pick up. The vision of the GetDrinksDelivered.com product was not limited to covid-19 but was a well thought product map which aligned with the way states and countries were going to open up along with the new consumer habits.

In summary, the commitment was to build a true international omni channel platform for the drinks industry. For the end consumer, it would be buying direct from the merchants and growing that emotional relationship.

Unlike few delivery platforms and drinks apps, we did not want to focus on 30 minute delivery and be a commodity and become a pur transactional website. In such platforms, most of the brand sales you see would be top brands. Our idea was to get the customer for you, and have that customer buy from you long term because we wanted to sell the customer not time and price, but your story, story of your winery, brewery, distillery, bottleshop or your restaurant. Your craft and your quality.

We also wanted to you give you a true omni approach where you can expand your distribution globally. Phase 2 of the GetDrinksDelivered.com will start in July with the launch of DrinksDelivery.org which is a mission driven website where we will partner with link minded businesses around the world that will help you empower with network and tools to grow your direct to consumer business around the world.

We also plan to connect the retailers and restaurants with our wineries, breweries and distillery partners allowing them to network with each other. In this model, the retailers will be able to act as your delivery branches helping your grow your dtc footprint.

Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Bottleshops and Restaurants can take advantage by joining the platform before July 31, 2020 to get their first year of service for FREE.

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Looking back on how our industry reacted to covid-19

At the start of the crises, bottleshops and internet were the only channels where consumers could buy drinks. The problems we saw in bottleshops were, they all were trying to minimize the risk of inventory and they needed cashflow, which resulted in stocking big name brands. They wanted to make the buying decision for the end consumer fast and risk free. The second problem we saw was brands that had no direct to consumer channel, were almost at zero sales. They quickly had to start pushing online, adapt and brainstorm on how they can adjust to delivery and curbside pick up sales.

Looking forward

As we open our business like before like the traditional distribution, tasting rooms and other distribution that we had in place, we must now start planning on developing an omni channel approach and a brand approach. Businesses that have learned from this will prepare themselves to create sustainable growth again with channels that are more in their control.

With keeping this in mind, Beverage Trade Network will help drinks merchants with more tools and resources where they will be able to grow their business keeping in mind the omni channel approach. One of the new initiatives includes DrinksDelivery.org where Beverage Trade Network will develop a global network of partners that Get Drinks Delivered merchants can tap into. Our goal forward is also help wineries, breweries, distilleries, bottleshops and restaurant’s build their own storefront keeping in mind the supply chain and alcohol laws we have. The GetDrinksDelivered.com storefront will allow you to load your own products and get direct orders from the consumers you can deliver. This is where you dont pay GDD any commission as you control the customer experience and delivery.

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