Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Get Drinks Delivered?

A: Get Drinks Delivered is an online platform that helps consumers discover unique and craft products from wineries, breweries and distilleries around the world.

Q: Can I be on Get Drinks Delivered?

A: Get Drinks Delivered is a platform for all wineries, breweries, distilleries that has a license to sell directly to end consumers and deliver. You can select where you can legally sell and deliver when you are setting up your profile. Your products will only be shown to consumers where you can deliver. 

Q: Who Owns

A: Beverage Trade Network owns Beverage Trade Network is a US-based company and is one of the world’s leading B2B beverage networking & media platform, creating global platforms & marketplace for the drinks & cannabis industry to learn, network & grow. Along with IBWSS UK, IBWSS SF, and IBWSS Shanghai, BTN also organizes other trade shows such as Cannabis Food Show & Cannabis Drinks Expo in both San Francisco and Chicago and USA Trade Tasting in New York. The platform also shines the light on wines, beers, and spirits, by bringing them in front of trade buyers through their competitions like Sommelier’s Choice Awards, Bartender’s Spirits Awards, London Wine Competition, London Spirits Competition, and London Beer Competition.

How will create consumer awarness?

Beverage Trade Network has made a big step forward into consumer media assets with the launch of its global drinks guides. London Drinks Guide, San Francisco Drinks Guide, Los Angeles Drinks Guide, Mumbai Drinks Guide, New York Drinks Guide. GDD products will be integrated in global drinks guides where thousands of consumers will be able to see your products and buy. GDD will be launching a mobile app by July 30, 2021 which will further increase repeat consumers. Along with the guides push, GDD plans to create social media awarness, press awarness and strategic partnerships with companies.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Get the first 3 months for FREE by adding your business before April 30, 2021, and take advantage of this limited time offer. After that its $99 per year. GDD does not take any commissions on product sales after that or any other type of fee.

Q: Does take Commission?

A: No, GetDrinksDelivered doesn’t take any commission at any step.

Q: How do i set up my products and store?

A: Setting up your products is easy. First step is to set up your company profile, your delivery area where you can deliver, your bank account to get payments and then your products that you want to offer for sale. You can manage your delivery area and products from your account anytime.

Q: Do i see and get customer data?

A: You will be able to see how many times your profile is viewed, yoru product pages views, your orders dashboard, your customers and your payments dashboard. You can also export your customer file for your own marketing and retention.

Q: How does shipping work?

A: Consumers will make their product cart and complete the order on Get Drinks Delivered. That order will be sent to the merchant directly for fulfilling along with payment for that order. Merchants are responsible to deliver their products. GDD does not store, pack or ship products. GDD does not collect money from consumers. All orders are shipped by merchants directly.

Q: How does shipping fee work?

A: Merchants will be able to set up their own shipping fee which will be added to consumers cart before they order.

Q: Who collects the money?

A: GDD does not collect any money or sell directly to end-users. Each merchant will directly be getting money into the account they will set up in GDD profile.

Q: Can i cancel when i want?

A: Yes you can cancel anytime. Your plan will renew every year at your sign up date, simply give us 24-hour notice by phone or email to cancel and your plan will end when your billing cycle ends.

Q: How helps my business?

  1. Get orders and payments directly from customers and grow your direct to consumer business.
  2. Get the first 3 months for FREE by adding your business before April 30, 2021, and take advantage of this limited time offer. After that its $99 per year.
  3. No commission, mark up on your orders ever.
  4. Awareness about your business online.
  5. Own your growth by selecting where you want to deliver.
  6. Own your customers by getting customer data.
  7. Your products will be shown on BTN's global consumer drinks guides.

How to set up my Merchant profile?

  1. List your business
  2. Customers will see what you deliver, where you deliver, and if you also provide pick up. They will place the order on GDD which will be sent to you.
  3. You process the order, pack and deliver. Payments will be directly forwarded to the bank account linked to your profile.
  4. You maintain products on your GDD store that you want to scale DTC.

Q: Who delivers?

A: You will be responsible for making the delivery. GetDrinksDelivered will not be providing any delivery services at this time.

Q: I already use eCommerce platform or logistics warehouse for DTC, why shall I sign up?

A: GDD is your other channel to grow your direct to consumer sales. GDD does not need to be interegrated with your POS or other software or ecommerce provider or your website. GDD will help you get additonal business via GDD website.

Q: Does GDD provide warehouse and logistics services?

A: No. GDD doesn't provide any warehouse and logistic services. We are working on GDD partner network which our merchants will get access to. GDD partner network is where you will be able to find drivers, warehouses, delivery companies who can help you.

Q: How will users discover my merchant listing?

A: When you set up your delivery area, consumers located in that delivery area will automatically see your products.

Get started and grow your direct to consumer business with GDD.

Get the first 3 months for FREE by adding your business before April 30, 2021, and take advantage of this limited time offer. After that its $99 per year. GDD does not take any commissions on product sales after that or any other type of fee.

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