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DeePlus Jud Hai Co.(Wine Me) was established in 2014 by two wine lovers Dej and Duke (D+). In 2015, D+ joined Wine Direct Hong Kong (WD) creating more synergy for wine sourcing and trading globally. D+ will expand into “old world wines” to fulfill the wine portfolio for the Thai market.

The Range

D+ is committed to sourcing high-quality wines and products which enhance its enjoyment, along with maintaining the highest level of expertise and professionalism in order to market and sell these wines to the food and wine industry. The upmost respect if given with shipping, storing, and delivering these wines to you. Philosophy D+ as a wine importing company is focused on sourcing wines from family-owned, boutique wineries in South Australia and New Zealand.

People Enjoying

As a company, D+ has sought out wines from vineyards who may be little known or not known at all, but which offer great products and are truly representative of the terroir from where they originate. D+ has chosen to be a boutique importer that can deal on a very intimate basis with the vineyards and distributors with whom it does business. As a result, we have chosen to do work with vineyards who share this same philosophy.

You can buy directly from their online store or call their hotline number in Thailand - +66 0 98 7474 464.

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