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Since 2017, Bristol Dry Gin Distillery has been producing delicious spirits in the ancient cellars in the heart of Medieval Bristol. Their gins are outstanding and characterful and enjoy being treated roughly as much as a delicate caressing touch.

The brand started its journey in January 2017 by two creative and high-spirited cocktail bartenders who wanted to produce a range of spirits that they would be proud to serve on their bar. Experimentation, superb quality, a great sense of humor, friendly nature, and vibrant artwork have all been at the heart of their operation.

They have strived to make a spirit recipe for every occasion and tried to use as many rare and unusual botanicals as they can get their hands on.

Their current range consists of a staggering 10 expressions, ranging from a 75% gin all the way to a honey rum and their recipe book holds around 30 unique and innovative concoctions.

Past experiments range from bacon vodka and pizza gin to hibiscus and lime leaf limoncello. Aside from the strange experiments, they produce exquisite citrus-lead gins, fruit gins, and spiced gins. And guess what, they even have a chai-spiced gin in the range.

Their grandfather always said "If you're gonna go tacky, do it well and make sure it sparkles. It won't work if it doesn't have sparkles"

With that inspiration, they journeyed through and achieved their dreams of creating a range of exquisite spirits who won many medals ranging from local to international awards. 

Nutmeg Edition - Winner at London Spirits Competition 2020 - Silver Medal
Classic 40% - Winner at London Spirits Competition 2020 - Silver Medal
Ginbuca - Winner at London Spirits Competition 2020 - Silver Medal

Bristol Dry Gin Range:


Nutmeg Edition by Bristol Dry Gin 

Nutmeg Edition
Leading with juniper and delicate citrus, nicely balanced on the palate. Strong notes of winter spice such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. Well-balanced gin with an intense finish.

A sweet, chai-spiced gin with hints of grapefruit, cinnamon, and mace.

Classic Botanicals:
Juniper Berry, Coriander Seed, Angelica Root, Orris Root

Lime Peel, Grapefruit Peel

Spiced Botanicals:
Cinnamon , Cassia, All Spice, Mace, Liquorice, Star anise, Cardamom, Cubeb

Winner at London Spirits Competition 2020 - Silver Medal


Classic 40% by Bristol Dry Gin 

Classic 40%
The nose is clean, medium intensity, hints of citrus peels, juniper, and cloves. On the palate, it is dry and smooth, with a light to medium intensity showing flavors of roots, cloves, hints of lemongrass, and cardamom.

Beautifully balanced botanicals including Juniper, Citrus, and Angelica root, give this gin a classic dry profile and loves to be mixed with tonic or vermouth. ​

Winner at London Spirits Competition 2020 - Silver Medal


Ginbuca by Bristol Dry Gin 

The nose is predominantly anise, with hints of juniper & citrus. On the palate, you find anise, juniper, cloves, black pepper, dry cherry & lemon jam. Lovely and well-balanced. Can equally feel the anise and juniper. 

Classic Botanicals:
Juniper Berry, Coriander seed, Orris Root

Grapefruit Peel, Orange Peel

Spiced Botanicals:
Bison Grass, Cassia Bark, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Star Anise (loads), Hibiscus, Pink Peppercorn

Tips - Always neat, never mixed.

Winner at London Spirits Competition 2020 - Silver Medal

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