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Union Ten Distilling Co. distills small-batch premium craft spirits onsite such as gin, vodka, whiskey, applejack and rum. Our frozen Cocktails-To-Go and Cocktail Kits are designed using our own spirits with all natural fresh ingredients that compliment our 'stone fired' menu.

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One could say we’re a little passionate about what we do. Some would even say we’re liquid nerds. Others, well… they might claim we’re doggedly obsessed. But there is one thing those who know us will never say: that we’re satisfied with mediocrity.

At Union Ten Distilling, the premier distillery in London, ON, we are enthusiastic about small-batch spirits — those liquors that were lovingly created through dedication to the craft, using innovative methods and natural ingredients. So enthusiastic in fact, that we set out on a quest across North America, gleaning a deeper level of knowledge of the craft and what it takes to create a variety of exceptional craft spirits by hand. Others have said just ‘drinking our way across the country’. After partaking in our fair share of craft whiskeys, applejack, and vodkas, we believed we knew a thing or two about premium spirits.

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What we learned on our quest solidified our belief that what we really wanted to do was to establish a distillery in the Old East Village of London, Ontario. But not just any distillery — a distillery that honours the Canadian tradition and history of small-batch distilling; a distillery that warmly and equally welcomes whisky devotees, vodka zealots, applejack or gin lovers, and those unfamiliar with premium spirits alike; a distillery that is community-oriented and supportive of local artisans — a distillery for you.

We’ve taken what we learned, what we love, and what we live, then we combined them to create an experience that highlights our West Coast experience, allowing guests to gather and enjoy high-quality foods, spirits, music, and community in a relaxed social setting.

Before we even began scouting locations for Union Ten’s London distillery, we already knew it had to be a special place. It had to be in an area where we could create an atmosphere that was uniquely ours while paying tribute to the West Coast and its rich history. Furthermore, it was more than a little important to us to give our friends, family, neighbours and community a new experience that somehow felt familiar and relaxed. Combining a friendly, laid-back vibe with an eclectic blend of understated industrial and rustic furnishings. We think we just may have pulled it all off.

Fully restoring the yellow brick building located at 656 Dundas Street in the artisan sector of London, we think we have created a gathering spot that is sure to become your weekend go-to. Though our premium Canadian spirits take center stage at Union Ten, the distillery itself readily invites locals and visitors alike. Available to both private groups and company functions, our themed areas provide the perfect backdrop to any celebration or event. Distinctly outfitted and furnished, our Proof + Parrot Tasting Bar, the Sand Beach Patio, and Whisky Jack Hall provide a full-service, indulgent experience for you and your guests.

We are London’s only craft distillery offering tours, viewings, tastings and workshops. Union Ten Distillery promises a unique social experience, from helping us bottle, to crafting your own custom blend, or just sampling a flight of cocktails. It’s the authentic, laid back, West Coast, spirit-liftin’,laugh-producin’, taste-bud-delightin’ experience you didn’t know you were missing.

Why the name Union Ten? It’s in reference to our steadfast company rule while living in B.C. If 10 cm of snow falls on the hill, business comes to a halt; we gather with friends and family and hit the mountain. No hesitation, no questions asked, because ‘Life Comes First’. Join us as we build upon the spirit of West Coast culture that got us here, we believe in sharing the good things in life.

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