How This Winery Is Doing Marketing For Today

See how cliff winery is making their business adapting to this new normal
Photo for: How This Winery Is Doing Marketing For Today looks at Clif winery as a case study on how adaptive their business has been during Covid. Here are some of the things other wineries can pick upon and apply.

  • Their website has a clear message on the home page which tells exactly what's happening at the winery “for the consumers”. The key in their communication is every piece of content is to talk to the consumer. Here they not only convey whats closed but clearly mention whats open along with some call to actions.

  • The home page also got updated with the focus of curbside wine and food pick up. The key information that any reader looks for is location, and hours. “Our tasting room and Bruschetteria are open for curbside pickup Wednesday - Sunday, 12:00pm to 7:00pm. Call us at 707-301-7188 to place a food  order for pickup and call us at 707-968-0625 to place a wine order for pickup”. Again with a call to action ‘view menu and / or place order online


  • They do have their wine club like many other wineries, but thats not something that they are displaying on home page. Its important to be relevant right now.


  • We loved this little update. Under their ‘visit’ page they have added Curbside pick up as also one more visit experience which is very much true.

  • Promoting food and wine together on social media was also great way to catch more users.

  • Setting up their instagram shop allows them to get push sales while on instagram.

  • They were also going IGTV live.

  • Again super clear in their curbside information. 3 main things they have written are the location, how to order and times.


  • Having a chatbot on the website is super important, especially right now.


  • Shipping and handling policy is way more important than information about the vineyard right now. They did an amazing job with putting clear shipping policy. “Currently we are only shipping to the United States and US territories. We do our best to process and ship orders within 1-2 business days. Please keep in mind that weather holds may be placed in your area and delay shipment. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us (707-968-0625) for assistance.”

  • Lot of wineries only focus on club. Most of the users are not looking to create their club memberships and may be looking for one time purchase to try before they decide to become a club member, They have a seperate section called ‘Shop’ which again talks very clearly that you can shop here.

  • And thats where they show the benefit to become a club (they get discounted price)

  • Footer on the website was very well planned that was almost like a site map with one more call to action.

  • One last thing that stood out was the way they sold food packages.

This was perfect as lot of families are looking to decrease their customer contact and want to buy less but more, they want to buy from less places. The family dinner idea was a very well thought of idea where they could sell higher revenue sku’s with wine. They have an option to select dinner for 2 or 4.

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